About Me

My name is Larry Kniceley and I currently live in southern N.J, just outside Philadelphia Pa.  I am a retired Chief of Police, moved from New Jersey to Colorado, but returned to New Jersey in 2013 after living in Denver for about a year.  I’ve been rock and ice climbing for about 40 years and love the mountains of Colorado and the U.S., but family and friends brought me back to New Jersey.  I spent 3 years in the United States Marine Corps in the early to mid 1970’s, have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  I owned a personal training company for about 7 years, but currently work in corporate security, safety and risk management in Philadelphia, Pa. On a personal note, I love music and have seen so many varying concerts over a 50 year span, that I’ve lost count. Although I have seen about 100 Grateful Dead shows!

While my law enforcement career was a successful and fulfilling one (I attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Va., commanded and trained tactical/SWAT units and retired as a Police Chief), writing is my real passion. Writing has always been on my heart, but it was many years before I attempted to put words to paper for public view. As some of my blog essays may have a spiritual tone, they are in no way, shape or form to be connected to any church or religious agenda or ritual, (they are simply meant to convey what I believe is the heart of The Father through the truth of biblical scripture).

As I continue my blogging adventures, I pray that all who visit my site will come away with something they can take with them in their everyday lives.

So, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here and are taking this journey with me…!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well, I’m glad you decided to do this mon! – I may never have found out you guys are in Colorado!! Now if the move was part of a clandestine mission, guess what: it worked! 🙂

  2. What a great site, Larry! We all miss you in New Jersey, but I am so happy you found peace and true happiness in Colorado. After reading your blogs, I feel like you never left. It’s like catching up, just not over the phone or face-to-face! I wish you and your family and safe, happy, and blessed 2013. I can’t wait to read your next post 🙂

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