Being sent…

The connotation of being sent can take on various meanings.  We can be “sent” to many places for many reasons, some physically and some figuratively.  We may be sent to the store for a gallon of milk, we could be sent to a particular job location by our bosses, or we might be sent to a website after making a Google query.  We can even think about something and our minds will send us to the place we want to think about.  Like I said, the term can take on many forms.  The aforementioned examples may not seem noteworthy as such, but anytime we’re sent somewhere you can believe this…it is not first without a request of some type being made and it will be for a specific reason and purpose.  No matter what the catalyst.

troops sent

As sons of God, those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and God the Father, you probably already know about being sent.  From a spiritual perspective, it can also vary greatly.  For those of us who may have once been in a church (or, are still in a church), we may have been asked and sent to perform a specific task or job by a Pastor or elder for any number of reasons.  Or, we may have felt the need or calling to serve in a particular ministry and sent to it as the Lord leads.  The early church knew what this meant, as the term “apostle” means “one who is sent” and it has the same designation today.  For the most part, being sent carries different levels of responsibilities, dependant on the scope of the mission.  We receive our orders, we respond (or, don’t respond) and are sent.  It’s when being sent means travelling 1,800 miles across the country away from family, friends, fellowship and our spiritual father that can make it take on a whole new meaning.  This is what happened to me and my family.


To preface my point however, let me say this…as sons of God, don’t ever think for a moment that we’re not going to be sent in one fashion or another.  It may not be across the country, but it may be to a place (physically or spiritually) where you may or may not be too comfortable or that may stretch you to a point where you feel you’re being palpably changed or even broken.  When we’re spiritually sent, you can bet that there’s going to be work done…physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work.  Sometimes it’s pleasant and often times not, the reasons for which will sometimes greatly differ from why you initially thought you were being sent.  But, know this…the final outcome will always be for God’s glory and your benefit.  Every time.  No matter the outcome.

We have to become adept at seeing things from God’s perspective, from His throne room.  This way, we’ll always know that it will be about His desires and not ours.  This is absolutely key in our walk with Him.  Jesus was sent by the Father as He affirmed in John 4:34 (NIV) “My food”, said Jesus, “is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work”.   And, Jesus wasn’t alone.  He also sent his disciples out into the world to do the work of the Father, (see the books of Matthew and John).  So, when we pray, know that the thing or things we’re praying about may involve us being sent.

As I said, there are awesome benefits of being sent, and for each one of us these benefits will differ greatly in delivery, scope and breadth.  Scripture talks about one of the greatest gifts being received as a result of someone being sent.  Jesus speaks of this prior to His crucifixion in John 16:5-7 (NIV); “Now I am going to Him who sent me…But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away.  Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you, but if I go, I will send him to you”.  This gift was the Holy Spirit and it is still being received today!

My family was sent.  We were sent from New Jersey to Colorado.  And, the work being done has been difficult.  But, we know that it is for a purpose.  His purpose.  We stand at the foot of the Cross waiting for the next phase of our journey.  But, we don’t stand by idly, casually or impatiently.  We stand with firm resoluteness…unyielding and unwavering as the assignment continues.

I pray that you being sent bears incredible fruit.  And, how can it not?  As when we look at it from God’s perspective, we know that it came straight from the throne room itself.

May your journey be as rich as ours has been…

work as sent


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