Staying Healthy…

My wife and I recently attended a health & wellness symposium in New Mexico given by a physician from Lubbock, Texas. His approach to medicine is not one of “diagnose and treat with medication”…it is one of finding the root causes, and treating from there. This intrigued me to the core. As with my personal training clients, I don’t do the same exercise movements with everyone as each client is different…and so are medical patients. This physician’s (Dr. Ben Edwards, ) goal is simple:

“Our long-term goal for every patient is for them to become symptom and disease-free, be able to eliminate all prescription medications, and achieve their ideal body weight. We believe in addressing the root causes of your health challenges.”

Sometimes throwing medications at physical maladies can often be like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. They can help for a bit, but often mask the deeper issues. And, the problem most often is that folks won’t change their unhealthy habits as they “feel good” on their medications because their “numbers” are good. So, they continue unhealthy eating and drinking and don’t exercise. I’m not disparaging medicines as they obviously have their place, but when we can find the root cause(s) of our physical issues, we’re apt to be more healthy, happy and fit. And, I believe that ridding the body of inflammation through proper nutrition, supplements and exercise is the key.

Knowledge is power. Know what your personal issues are and what could be the root causes, and then change those behaviors that contribute to them. Do your research and consult with your physician. As a caution though…DO NOT make any changes unless your physician say’s it is OK to do so. Be informed, be smart and be healthy!

My wife came across a great article regarding high blood pressure that discusses this mindset along these same lines…

I also like this physician’s motto: “You’ll never medicate your way out of diseases you behave yourself into”.


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