Holding On…

Over the past fifteen years, I have physically moved to new places no less than ten times.  I moved to and from several locations in south Jersey, then New Jersey to Colorado and back, then again to and from several other locales in south Jersey. The reasons why are too involved to explain here, but needless to say I moved a lot and have become somewhat of a pro at it.  Moving had gotten to the point where I made the joke that I would rather have a root canal procedure sans novocaine than move again. Moving is just awful, and those of you who have done it know exactly what I am talking about.  In making all these moves however, I found out that I had become somewhat of a pack rat.  Not the serious hoarding type, it was just that I had a lot of stuff I realized no longer held any real value or meaning in my life.  So, I began purging and became very adept at ridding myself of things that no longer served any purpose.  Some things were more difficult to get rid of than others, but when I came across something I wasn’t sure about throwing away, I asked myself when it was last used? Would I use it again? Or, did it have any real value or purpose for me? So, I ultimately threw out a lot of stuff, gave some away, donated things and had several yards sales that believe it or not yielded several thousand dollars.  I sold bikes, exercise equipment, kayaks, lawn equipment, a car and various other odds and ends.  Craigslist and I were on a first name basis.  Each time I moved, I purged.  It was beautifully, wonderfully cathartic and I began to love this mass personal cleansing.

During this period of purifying (I guess it kind of felt like a purification), I began to like being a bit of a minimalist.  I let go of things that had no real meaning or purpose for me and it felt great.  Other than basic furniture and such, my total worldly possessions now easily fit into a small room and I’m about to go through them again to purge some more!

So, what does this have to do with the title of this blog piece? It is as simple as an old metal roller skate key.  For those of you too young to remember, a roller skate key was used to tighten the grips on the metal skates that would attach or “grip” the bottom of your shoes.  Dependent on the type of shoes you were wearing, they sometimes held really well and sometimes they didn’t.  If the skate grips weren’t tight enough or they just couldn’t hold onto your shoes, you would very often end up either on your face or on your butt…with one or both skates dangling from your ankles by the attached straps.  The skates sometimes just wouldn’t “hold on” to your shoes.

Now to the crux…God sometimes gets my attention using correlations.  It is very often how He communicates with me, as He knows I’ll ultimately understand exactly what He is trying to say or teach me when He brings something to my mind.  This time it was the skate key.  It popped into my mind a few days ago as I was looking out the window from my desk at work and I had no idea why I thought of it.  But after a few moments of contemplation, I knew God was trying to get my attention.  Then, a few minutes later came the Words to my spirit, “you need to let go of some other things that you’re holding onto”.  I knew what He meant and as He knows I like to purge, this was His way of getting me to understand and keep the purging going.  There were some unhealthy attachments I needed to remove from my life.

As humans, we love to hold onto things.  Whether they are physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, I believe we hold very close those things (whatever they may be) mostly for a sense of security.  And, sometimes we don’t even know why we hold on, it just “feels” right or has some intrinsic, unknown value.  Unfortunately, we very often hold onto things that are detrimental or harmful without even knowing it.  Ever pick up a hot frying pan, then immediately drop it and quickly recoil in pain? Of course you have, and that recoil happens very quickly. But, sometimes we hold onto things that are doing unseen and unfelt damage for extended periods of time and these are the attachments that are very often the most dangerous.  I have a few things on my list of things to get rid of and I’ve been going through them meticulously as they are revealed to me.  Some are more difficult than others, but with His help, I will succeed.  

I have grabbed the skate key, turned it, and loosened my grip on several things so far and am looking forward letting go of more.

So, what are some of the unhealthy things the skate key in your life can help you get rid of?  If you’re not sure, just ask…He will tell you.


2 thoughts on “Holding On…

  1. Larry…very thoughtful analysis of what I often think about as I become older in the faith and life. Dealing with materialistic things I have become more surrendered to the biblical knowledge and application that God owns everything, money, health, possessions so I hold on lightly to these and He is in complete control. The challenge this year has been releasing the political feelings and emotions and turning them over, in surrender, to God’s hands. Now, spiritually speaking as we both get older and grow further in the faith we realize that we are all still a “work in progress” until we see Him face to face. Knowing this, I challenge myself to fix my eyes more each day on Him rather than the world by increasing my prayer time, Bible study and I am enjoying more Christian music matching a lot of the modern songs to scripture teaching. This releasing and surrender is a journey and praise Him that His mercies and grace are new every morning.

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