Dumbing Down…

Other than for watching an occasional movie, the local weather and yes, the Philadelphia Eagles, I’ve pretty much turned my TV off. Between the most ridiculous and absurdly mindless shows, I find myself just shaking my head and wondering who watches this drivel that passes for entertainment. Shows like Lego Masters, The Masked Singer, Big Brother and the myriad of Kardashian and “Housewives” shows have created a cult-like society yearning for the next celebrity affair, divorce, overturned table, glass of wine in the face or fashion blunder by some intoxicated, Botox injected 50-something trying to look and act 30 years younger. If you’ve seen some of these celebrities who have endured multiple facial surgeries over the years, you might think the same thing I do… “what in the world were you thinking??” A blindly obedient and subservient following hangs on their every word or action as if their very lives depended on it and the ground they walk on is worshiped. Sure, acting is an art, but so is playing in a symphony, painting a picture, growing a garden or writing a book. America’s obsession with Hollywood celebrities astounds me and for the life of me, I just can’t intelligently grasp it.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed the “dumbing down” of America in so many ways, it could fill volumes. I’ve personally and professionally watched young people come into a corporate work force so sadly and woefully unprepared for the most rudimentary of responsibilities. I partially blame our failed school systems that teach subjects to our youth not to help them flourish and succeed in life, but to get them through the conveyer belt of high school just to make room for the next group of victims. I call them victims, because that is exactly what I believe our educational system has been doing to our young people for years. Learning institutions are mentally and emotionally abusing them with mostly inane, unusable subjects and “socially acceptable” material meant to push them to the next grade level, then get them the heck out of the system and into society. There is a part of me that understands the teachers are not fully at fault. They are simply acquiescing to an educational system that has bowed to and are dedicated solely to firmly established societal, political and other norms that force them to comply, or risk being branded intolerant or of not falling in line. Their hands are tied, and their jobs are at stake. The majority of these kids have been failed at so many levels and most are miserably and traumatically unprepared for adult life as they’ll soon discover. The tragedy is, they don’t even know it yet. They yearn to be social media influencers or celebrities themselves, yet they can’t balance a checkbook, create a resume, cook a meal for themselves or handle a conversation without being offended.

Case(s) in point…I recently came across a set of videos where a young man is “interviewing” random young 20-somethings in a shopping mall setting with questions so easy, a 1st grader could answer them correctly. The best part was the answers given, but that is another story. Some of the questions asked? “Where is the great wall of China located? “What country borders the U.S. to the north?”, “If you had 4 quarters and I took away one quarter away, how much money would you have?” “How many eggs are in a dozen?”, “Where is the Washington Monument located?”. These video reels were meant to be funny, but when watching them, I was just so incredibly saddened. These young people looked quizzically at the interviewer like they were gut-shot and couldn’t correctly answer the simplest and most elemental of questions. Even when the answer was in the question.

These kids are trying to find themselves. They live in a world of miscellaneous and hodgepodge pronouns they’ve attached to themselves in an attempt to find their senses of self-worth, self-awareness and just being. They hang on to their own identities through these labels trying to understand themselves and their existence. And, they are emboldened and encouraged by Hollywood to do so. Look, I don’t care one iota if you want your persona to be identified by some different name or pronoun. It just doesn’t matter to me. But know that if another person hasn’t the slightest inclination what that means or that is how you “identify”, you can’t be offended. You have to be just as tolerant and understanding of those who may be uniformed as they are of your right to be identified as some other entity. Just know that while it is your right to identify with whatever name you’d like, you don’t have the right to force your beliefs on others. Just because you believe it to be true doesn’t mean it’s true. That is the world. Get used to it or it will eat you up, spit you out and you’ll be forced to live a life of misery while desperately hanging on to your perceived identity for your feelings of acceptance. Unfortunately, this will not get you to a place of recognition and peace…by others, or more importantly, yourself.

The final problem is that our society and political circus encourages, accepts, and gives justification to these kids and tells them that their problems aren’t their fault. Someone else did this to you and it’s “their” fault. Displace the blame, point the finger, scream the injustice and hoist the protest sign high. Give credence to offense…it’s the flavor of the day.

And, Hollywood promotes this…

But, go against the celebrity established norms and you’ll quickly be cancelled. This is their superpower, and they know it. The truth? They care less about you or me than they do about squashing a bug on the sidewalk. But, darn it, you most certainly better pay that Netflix premium or AMC theater fee or risk seeing some Hollywood cretin crying and whining because their binky has been taken away.

As an optimist, I have hope. But my hope most certainly lies not in man nor society. Man is miserably fallible, and it is man whose faults and shortcomings have created a generation built upon celebrity worship whose interests are more intimately concerned about who will win the next Academy or Emmy Award. You see, Hollywood loves to pat themselves on the back, tell themselves, and you, what a great job they’re doing, that they’re helping society (whatever that means) all the while getting you to bow at the altar. This is one of the many forms of manipulation and crowd control causing the dumbing down of America. Our children are so very impressionable, and it is sad to see how they are being brainwashed into submission by various entities absolutely bent on creating their mindless obedience.

I do hope and pray things will change, as the future of who we are as a nation and as a society depends on it. But I’m certainly not holding my breath.

We shall see…


One thought on “Dumbing Down…

  1. Amen Larry…..I agree and can relate to much of what you reference! I pray for our country and its current spiral downward.

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